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The bass on the right speaker is louder


I am rather new to HiFi and I would like some help regarding the positioning of speakers. I have a Pioneer amp and CD player, and Heco floor standing speakers. I noticed that the right speaker has more bass. After a bit of searching I concluded that it is due to the positioning of the speakers. I have the right speaker in a corner while the left has the wall and an opening of about two meters after. I am a bit tight in space so I would not like to change the location of my system.

Is there anything I can do to get the same bass on both speaker, if possible without changing the location of the system?

Thanks and regards

Kal Rubinson
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Ideally, you would relocate

Ideally, you would relocate them in some way to get each into a similar acoustical environment. Since you cannot or will not do that, the only real solution is EQ (or subtle use of a decent bass control).

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