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Basic hookup (bypass) questions

So, I have two preamp setups. one is a Shiit and the other a no name.
Id like to have the ability to switch between the two on the fly.

I know I can use an RCA ab switch between the phono and preamp, but that still leaves another set of RCA's that needs hooking up.

Do I really have to use another aux in on the Amp, or is there a nifty RCA bypass setup that saves me from having to use up 2 sets of inputs on the amp ?

I have a DAC on the way, and a Bluetooth receiver so am running out of amp inputs fast!

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Preamp switching

I use one preamp for a tube amp and a solid state amp. I can leave the gear on (I do turn the volumes down to zero tho) and "switch on the fly". Nobsound (Yes, Chinese) makes a product line called Little Bear which makes great quality passive switch boxes which I use for the amps/preamp and one for speakers since I use the same speakers for both amps. No effect on sound quality that I can hear, they draw no power on their own. You can get them in various configurations and numbers of in/outs. check eBay. About 100 bucks each. Plenty of other brands also.

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