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A/V receiver with a warm sound


I received a pair of Monitor RX6's for Christmas. I currently have it paired with a Marantz 2250 receiver in my office. It has a really warm sound that I enjoy. My office is kind of small and my advent minis do a good job in there, so I want to move the RX6's into the living room for my television,dvd player etc. Are there modern av receivers that will give me that warm sound for my entertainment system? I'm not really big on features, I just want something basic.

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Warm sound

Try a Marantz or a Harmon Kardon. AV receivers tend to be anything but basic.

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Your 2250 is class a...

Your marantz 2250 have a class a amplifier so that is why you get that warm sound. I own a 2220 and I love it.

I would suggest getting what ever A/V receiver you want (I'm a fan on the Yamaha aventage line) and then pick up a single ended class a amp to connect to the front channel pre-amp outputs of the A/V receiver.

Another option is to get a really nice A/V pre-amp and the class a amp for the front R and L channels and then a 5 channel AB amp for the center and surround channels.


Those are my thoughts anyway...

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