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AudioSource Amp Seven T

Has anyone heard the AudioSource Amp Seven T Tripath digital power amplifier? Supposedly designed by ex-Carver engineers. 200 watts per channel into 8 Ohms with 0.04% THD. AudioSource has nothing about it on their website.

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Re: AudioSource Amp Seven T

jackfish, I have this amp. I have a tube pre-amp which may make it sound better than the same amp in an all solid state system. I was running an original Son of Ampzilla and thought it was fine, but this inexpensive amp off e-bay is simply great. So much detail; musical information I have never heard. Plenty of power for me and the tech support at Phoenix Gold(who now have Audiosource) were quick and helpful. The output is inverse polarity(information from tech support) and I had a ground hum until I eliminated the ground plug (tech support helped me with the hum problem). Look on the Audio Karma web site for more feedback from Amp 7T owners. I have no plans to replace this amp.

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