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Audioquest Rocket 88 vs. Rocket 44

Interested in the Rocket 88 and Rocket 44. The catch is that my speakers aren't able to bi-wire (KEF LS50's). So not sure if that alone kills looking at these cables, even though they come in full range variety.

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Type 4 or Go-4

I personally would suggest that you look at the Type 4 cables offered by audioquest. They still utilize the same items such as quad star and etx. but are designed for one to one connections. If you want the 72dbs system then it might be good to step up to the go-4. But they are a different series that utilize, again the same specs but are for a single terminal design (lacking bi-wire).

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Actually Music Direct has a closeout price on CV-8...

and King Cobra and Diamondback interconnects, as well.  

40% off list is hard to ignore, and CV-8 single wire is pretty similar to the Go-4 speaker cables as well. 

Food for thought, if AQ is something you like.  I really dig the King Cobra's value, even at the original price. 

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