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AudioQuest NightHawk vs LIVE MUSIC ?
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Audioquest actually referenced the SoundStageExperience review on their Facebook page, which was surprising, because it didn't agree much with their stated policy - that the Nighthawk's actual sound is the correct hi-fi sound. I suppose there were enough caveats or disclaimers thrown around to cushion the blow, but still, given the design claims in the extensive literature for the Nighthawk, all of those wonderful advances in technology seem to be compromised by the dark signature.

Not that any of that bothers me. I just applied a gentle EQ to make the signature or balance very hi-fi, and owing to some chameleon-like property of the Nighthawk that's quite different from my other headphones, that minimal EQ made a dramatic difference in the sound. Most users never get past that 'signature' thing of bass/mids/treble balance, but I hope more of them do get past it with the Nighthawk, since there's an amazing smoothness underneath that makes music extremely enjoyable.

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