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Audioengine a5+ or wait for a2+ and wireless for a newer home system.
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The A2+ are great but too small for a living room system.  Go w the A5+ which are more full range, & are a good way to simplify your system. Yes they have amplifier built in - but not a built in DAC.  Evidently you don't need a DAC from the way you use your system now. You could add one later if u want. 

I use $99 Apple Airport Express units for my wireless music solution. You can even plug the AEx into the back of the A5 for a convenient and less cluttered look. 

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I have the A2 speakers and prefer them to the A5; I think they sound better, and will give you all the sound you can use unless you really want to blast.

If you want really loud volume then neither of those speakers is suitable and their amplifiers are too small. For most usage they are fine though.

You really will need a small subwoofer with either to have full sound quality; the tiny extra bit of bass the A5 give is insignificant IMO.

You can get the Polk PSW10 subwoofer for around $100, and this will be quite adequate for moderate volume levels with the A2 speakers (I use something similar).

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