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Audioengine 2 speakers for computer

I have been using some old Dynaudio speakers with my computer for 10 years or more (I'm sure they just came with my computer before this one...certainly el

I knew they were not much, but I never really thought about trying to improve the sound from the poot.

After I read about the Audioengine 2 speakers, I decided to try them and see if I could get some significant improvement.

Well holy horse-patooties! I am getting some pretty darn good sound out of this old generic Windows box, and I am just using the audio circuits built-in to the motherboard; no sound-card upgrade at all.

Not quite audiophile stuff, but pretty damn clean good sound!!! Highly recommended.

These things have 0 bass, however, despite what Audioengine claims. They probably go down to about 90 Hz, I would guess. I added a Sony SA-W2500 sub, which cost me $70 on Amazon, and that helped them out a LOT.

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