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audio frequency analysis software

I would like some advice about getting a software to perform frequency and dynamic spectrum analysis on files. I would like something showing what compression, dynamic limiting or frequency manipulation has been done to wav files ripped from CDs. Any suggestions? thanks

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Measuring Dynamic Range

There are tools to measure the dynamic range of music files, I would recommend TT Dynamic Range Meter* which is available as a standalone app as well as a foobar plugin. Bear in mind of course that this will only give you an ordinal value for the dynamic range of that file. You still have no way of knowing if compression has been applied and if so how much unless you have something to compare it with. In principle the same thing applies to manipulation in the frequency domain.

That said, I am not sure what your concern is here. Compression is usually introduced at the mastering stage (i.e. the making of the CD) or at the playback stage (various media player plugins such as Apple's notorious ReplayGain). I am not aware of any software that manipulates the audio in conjunction with ripping.

* I seem to remember that when I last tried to use this software it had a hard coded limitation that prevented it being used after a certain date. IIRC this was easily defeated by resetting the system date on your PC.

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