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ATC SCM11 vs Acoustic Energy AE22 Active


I'm starting slowly to search some good, even great speakers to play both heavy, trash metal and classical music.

  1. They should be really fast with transients
  2. They can't have bright sonic signature, of course neutral or even a little dark is perfect for me
  3. They will be playing at about 22 m2, in future probably less.
  4. I really HATE bass reflex, for me the only choice is sealed box or TL (or horn)
  5. Bass must be ideally controlled, bass gitar always visible in music and making a rhythm
  6. Trebles should be smooth, and there is no need to big amount of detail in them
  7. Midrange must be really high class and natural
  8. Poor quality recordings should be listenable on them.

The price is around 1000-1200 euros for ATC and for Acoustic Energy. It's really hard to find new sealed box speakers at this price range so I choose them. There's is no possibility to hear Acoustic Energy AE22 at my home town right now.

What do you think? I've heard that AE22 have no mercy for poor quality recordings (in metal it's common) but maybe somebody of you compared them?

I'll really appreciate all the answers.

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