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Hi all,

The time has come to finally dig in as i have no "real-world" mean to ask to about what's to come.

I own a modded Asus STX

- TCXO vanguard 0.1ppm + 0.1 mkp10 cap
- bypassed the RCAs caps
- 0.1 mkp10 caps on opamps caps
- 3x Burson SS V5 + 0.1 mkp10 caps

connected to a Pioneer A-6 - yeah, THAT one - through analogue RCA stereo out pushing to a pair of custom stereo hi-fi speakers.

After many reads, i decided on trying a USB dac, specifically the Cambridge DACMAGIC 100; other contesters were the

- Musical Fidelity V90, albeit a 32bit dac (not so much useful) it does upsample everything up to 192 and only native to 96.
-smsl m8a and many others..

The dacmagic 100 (a 24bit dac), on the other hand, is comparable if not superior to the v90 and does not upsample, instead it supports up to 192 in native through USB (using USB audio 2).

What i wanna know is, is it going to be worth or should i just hold on to my STX? I use lossless music only.


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Fellow STX owner

I have an STX II and after tweaking and extensive listening trials, I found the best sound on my system to be through coax and using ASIO. I don't know if your A-6 supports coax, but try that first before purchasing an external DAC.

The STX II employs a Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC (don't remember what the first one has, if that's what you have), so if I were to try an external DAC, it would have to have a chip better than that.

Hope that helps.

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I had a Pioneer A-580- almost

I had a Pioneer A-580- almost (if not exactly) the same model as A-6.... I'm not a big expert on amps, but I found the sound somewhat inferior. I have STX II and I use RCA connectors to connect to my amp- I love the sound. I'd be curious to know if a USB DAC would make it any better.

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