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Assistance please with streaming

I am new to the forum and sincerely hope that someone out there might be able to assist. I am not at all tech-savvy but would like to rip my classical cd collection to a NAS drive. I have a MyBook Live, have purchased the Cambridge Audio 6 and had hoped that it would be an easy matter. On the NAS drive, I have an existing iTunes library, BUT I want to now rip the collection onto the drive in FLAC by setting-up a library independent of the itunes library.
My problem has arisen after ripping a few cd's via XLD (as I own an iMac I can't use EAC). I have indicated the path towards the NAS drive BUT the display on the front of the 6 shows a "MyBook Live - Twonky" library which seems to be some of the itunes (lots are missing) and the tracks are all over the place. How can I possibly set-up my dream library as a NEW, independent library that does not collect the iTunes library along the way?
As I mentioned, I am new to this, so please "lead me by the hand" with this one. I really need some assistance and would be most grateful for any help from one of the forum members.

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This may help...

Hi hukeys,

Not familiar with your exact setup but I think the problem is that you have the two libraries on the same share.  Most media managers are set up to scour your discs for anything resembling music and add it to your library so as you yourself have experienced it is often more of a problem keeping stuff out than getting it in!

I would create two shares on your NAS, one for iTunes and one for your FLAC library.  You will then need to move your iTunes library to the new share (follow the instructions on the Apple webiste - do not just move the files in Finder!) and move your FLAC files to their new share.  Now configure twonky to only look at the FLAC share and you should be fine.

I use this same method to keep my hi res files (Sonos won't play them but the Squeezebox will) separate from my main ripped-from-CD std res stuff and it works a treat.

Good luck!

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