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ASIO 2.1; Native dsd playback on Mac OS; Luxman DA-06: help requested

Hello All,

I am about to purchase the Luxman DA-06 dac

The sentence I wish to discuss is :

"The USB input requires installation of the supplied device driver for use with a Windows PC. This ASIO driver enables playback of DSD content natively without using the DoPDSD over PCM standard."

This ASIO driver, and apparently native dsd playback, is not available Mac OS, from what I can gather. I am unsure of the technicalities of native dsd vs DoP and am reading up on this now. I am (or was) planning to audition and buy the DA-06 this weekend. However, after watching this video interview with the Luxman guys themselves, I am concerned that I won`t be able to have native dsd playback on my Mac system :

The video is in Japanese, but they both emphasize the Windows/ASIO native dsd functionality and comment that the ASIO driver is the superior way to use the DA-06. And they imply that DSD over PCM is a compromise.

So, I am asking for feedback from this knowledgeable community regarding this issue : should I look for another dac or is this native-dsd playback only for Windows OS, across all devices? I am not in the mood to compromise because I am looking for a long-term, future-proof-as-possible dac. I could buy a cheap Windows pc to run my dsd music. I could install Windows on my Mac. Is there another option ?

Help ! And thanks in advance.

(Apologies if this has been covered previously)


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