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That's a heck of a view, Art. Your room has an air of balance and peace about it.

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Thanks! We're lucky to live where we live -- and if I were to change the room, it would only be to make the window bigger (taller, actually), so I could see more from my seat. Damn the sonic consequences.

I forget what gear I was using when you were here in '03, but we had just moved in, and I don't think I had put in the cherry floor yet (or painted the walls blue). Color changes everything!

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I love the rug. And the view.

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Why does everyone have a better view than me??? I gotta get out of the basement!

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Kind of like church with a view toward heaven and sound to match!!!!!

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Just for curiousity, what are those wall of yours made of? Are they by any chance plasterboard?


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Hi, Luciano. The construction is average for this area: half-inch sheetrock on wooden studs. Two walls are load-bearing, as the room is on a corner of the house. The ceiling is sheetrock, too, and the floor is three-quarter-inch hardwood (cherry) on a pywood subfloor.

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Great view - I'm jealous (of amps as well) - thanks for sharing with us!

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But how did you make the sheetrock rigid enough for not suffer the usual mid range suckout when we have not rigid enough membranes, like plasterboards glued to rigid walls?


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What kind of stands are you using under your Quads? I want a pair for mine. andy weis

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Hi Andy --

I apologize for taking a half a year to respond: That's beyond the pale, even by my standards...

Those are just old Linn Isobarik stands. They wor, though!

I've begun work on my own home-made (wood) stands, and if they come out okay I'll post something about them.

Best --


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Thats it !!! Gratz Mr Art. And thanks for help in choosing the best equipments. Regards

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