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Art Dudley's review of Marshall Crenshaw's 2013 EPs

Thanks, Art, for reviewing Marshall's 3 EPs in the Listening column in this issue!  I'm a long time fan of his fantastic body of work (yet when I mention his name, no one's ever heard of him...).

I had the good fortune to see/hear him live at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI in the fall of 2013.

The Bottle Rockets opened, and played a wonderful set.  I'd heard OF them, but hadn't seen or heard them until now.  I became an instant fan!

THEN the BRs came BACK onstage and served as Marshall's backing band!  As good as they were as the openers, they did even BETTER backing him up!  

A highlight for me was the new song Art mentions, 'I Don't See You Laughing Now'.  He did a couple of other new tunes, a great deal of his older material, and in general was having a great time up onstage.  He and the Bottle Rockets make a GREAT combination!      

Marshall Crenshaw is one of those rare rockers who's aging gracefully.  I've heard him 4 times live, and this was THE best show by far.



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