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Art Dudley Review of LFD Phonostage LE and Phonostage LE Special

I am somewhat confused/bemused by this review.  

Art mentions with some conviction that the LE inverts polarity, and so he listened to it (and presumably to its upgraded Special model - no clarifying comment is made in the review) with his speaker wires inverted in polarity to compensate.

However, JA's technical review refutes Art's allegation, demonstrating that the review units, LE and LE Special, do NOT invert polarity.  This inversion/non-inversion of polarity is an objective fact, not a matter of opinion.  Clearly Art's opinion was incorrect, and there's no real problem with that. Some of us think we hear things we don't hear, and we are always wrong some of the time.

My question is, since Art clearly believes that absolute signal polarity is audible, and since John wants to produce the best possible review quality in his magazine -

Why didn't Art re-review the LFD Phonostage LE and LE Special using the correct polarity?  

After all, if we agree with Art that absolute polarity is audible ( and I do), then his impressions of a component wired in such a way as to invert phase would not be true to the product performance - yes?







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Inverted Polarity

I too would like to have this explained in more detail.

Art Dudley
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Art Dudley review of LFD Phonostage...

Dear Mr. Buck --

Thanks for reading my LFD review; I understand your concerns regarding this portion of it:

"Especially on stereo programme with strong center image content – solo voices in particular – I preferred listening to the Phonostage LE when both loudspeaker cables were polarity-reversed, leading me to assume that the LFD inverted absolute phase in my system..."

As you observed, we are always wrong some of the time, and this was certainly one of those times for me: Based on what (I thought) I heard, I guessed incorrectly that LFD inverts absolute phase.

In this case, as always, I didn't see JA's measurements until the final proofing stage (a good policy inasmuch as it keeps me from thinking I hear what I think someone else thinks I ought to hear), and needless to say I would never go back and change my copy in light of technical revelations, even when those revelations make me look stupid. In any event I think I have a reasonably good record, over the years, of making subjective judgments that turn out to supported by JA's technical observations. God knows why I screwed up this time, but I did. Sorry!

Audible though inverted absolute phase may be, its sonic consequences are (to me) limited to a slight dulling of the attack components of sounds that are prominent in the mix and an exceedingly slight drop in perceived loudness level -- and I don't consider those effect to have much if any influence on the many other sonic and musical attributes for which I listen. So I don't agree with the conclusion you've drawn, that my comments overall aren't true to the LFD's performance.

Best -

- Art






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You mean you're HUMAN?!?!?!  You actually make mistakes? What the...?  You really should relegate yourself to an padded anechoic chamber for your reviews from here on out!

And STOP bemusing people already. 

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for your reply, Mr. Dudley. 

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