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are there jack of all trades? searching for fitting headphones

i´m slowly getting into better quality audio and looking for new headphones.
3 years ago, i picked sony mdr-1, which started to fall apart quite recently. back then there were also other Bluetooth headset´s (also including mdr wh1000), but there was a clear difference in audio performance, so i had to sacrifice features for quality, and it it was quite bargain price-wise.

now with sony wh1000m3, bose qc35ii, and sennheiser pcx550, there is an abundance in features i would like to have, but not really growth in audio quality.

what i care about:
big stage.
natural sound.
preferably anc, or very good pnc.
good quality with mobile and perfect quality at home.
throw in a possibility to use wireless, and it would be a perfect fit.

my test list:


The Books - there is no there
The Books - the lemon of pink I
The Books - read, eat, sleep
Bibio - the ephemeral bluebell
Baths - aminals
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
f.s.Blumm - fehlsprung
Kaitlyn aurelia smith - first flight
Lemon Jelly - space walk
Lemon Jelly - the fruty track
The Octopus Project - rorol
yppah - bushmills

any classic music
bob bozman - short mans vindication
john butler - ocean

rock - basically anything comes into your mind
bowie - memory of a free festival
rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
funkadelic - muggot brain

i´m quite open to music, so i have basically everything in my playlist.

now the big question!!!
what can i get?

closed back
sony mdr-z7ii
looks like most logical step up - 70mm drivers, monitor quality, yet no features and no wifi. also i don´t like sony quality/design/cables.

open back
sennheiser hd800, oppo, beyer dynamics, etc. there is quite a bunch in this price range.
but i don´t really see me running with open back headphones, but i´m more and more considering differentiating home and on the go equipment(which i´d rather avoid)

sony mdr-z1r could be another step up from z7ii, the price is yet bit out of range.

another solution is really differentiating.
getting mdr-x1000m3 for the go, and look into open back solutions for home.

are there any headphones, you know of, which would fit me better? or are specifically compatible with my music choice?

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