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Are my ears deceiving me?

Hi guys -

I came across a almost mint Marantz 8, low 4-digit serial number (2080), and a pair of 15 Tannoys in home made cabinets. As far as I can tell these are from around 1957. The amp was made in Long Island, New York. 

I'm using my Mac (NOT McIntosh) as a pre-amp.

Can this setup possibly sound truly amazing, or are my old ears too shot to know the difference?

I've owned high end audio stuff on and off since the '70's, but I don't recall anything sounding so clean and full. 

Think I need a wake-up call? Any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated

 Any guesstimates on realistic  $ value?

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Hey, it was called high fidelity

back then as well.  Enjoy your equipment and good fortune.

1crazed Cat
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Only you know what you hear.

Every pair of ears is unique. No one can tell you what you are hearing. Like Jack said, "Enjoy!"

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