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archiving analog to 24/192 digital on dvd

I have a huge open reel collection (thousands of manufacturer's pre-recorded tapes) which includes some highly collectable stuff from the 50s and 60s on half track that was dubbed in real time from master tapes. I don't want to lose these performances to the aging of the tape and would like to dub them to 24 bit 192 kz sampled dvd-As but have not been able to find an appropriate recording device to make this possible. I've got the pro analog tape players to play them back, but I need a recording device that will convert the analog signal to 24/192 digital and store it on a dvd-r that I can play back on my $1500 dvd/sacd player from Denon.

Can anyone help me? Some of these tapes have already gone belly-up due to age...

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Ok. Tascam DV-RA1000 sounds


Tascam DV-RA1000 sounds fantastic. does DSD too...the converters are top notch, the machine is built like a tank... I use it as a master recorder. every bit as good as the 16,000.00 RADAR Nyquist I use.

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I also recommend the DV-RA1000. Amazing machine. I use it for on location two-channel live recording of classical concerts, standing along side a multi-channel computer based set up.

The Tascam is so good it is worth lugging the thing around from venue to venue.

One caution, make sure you save to disc every chance you get. A brief power outage or any other blip and you lose what you have recorded before the outage. Don't ask how I know.

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Or . . .

you could use your computer as a recorder. I am archiving my vinyl that way. I got a M-audio 2496 audiophile card and have been really enjoying the resulting files. Be sure to give 24/96 a listen as well as 24/192 to see if the improvements are audible on your system or worth the extra file size.


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