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Very cool. Easy to imagine getting lost in an ambient zone in front of these. D'n'b must be fun too. Excellent rig.

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Thank you! These speakers (and some other models from the same producer) are getting excellents reviews in Argentina (mainly forums) since there are not specific magazines related to High End Audio in Argentina (only A/V)
The brain behind the design of these speakers, support stereo and multichannel, but only in X.0 configurations, makeing it very difficult to be understood in a country where High End systems (or even Hi Fi) are being replaced by Low End HT systems, not only for economic reasons, but for lack of information about the convenience of (among others) full range speakers, kevlar advantages, 3 way advantages (implemented with the best materials available), and the advantage of being able to produce in a country where hand made speakers are not so prohibitive in prices, since materials and salaries are cheap (in U$D)

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Thanks for watching, Matrixhifi!

Kindest Regards!!

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