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Another newbie looking to put first analog system together

So, after watching Steven Wilson's Insurgentes documentary, I've been inspired to put an analog hi-fi system together.  I've done some research for a few weeks, and the number of options is pretty overwhelming.  I also don't fully understand what I should be looking for.  (Example: What makes a good tonearm, cartridge, etc?)  

Besides excellent sound, the main thing I'm looking for in a system is simplicity.  I want a system that is low maintenance and relatively easy to set up.

My budget will be $3,000, give or take.  (I'm still in college, so it'll take me a few more months to actually have all of that money saved up.)  The components I'm leaning towards right now are the Clearaudio Concept Turntable and Focal CMS40 active studio monitors.  I have absolutely no clue what kind of phono preamp would best compliment those other two components.

Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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First system

All the research in the world tells you absolutely nothing about how a speaker will sound to you. I wouldn't buy any speaker without an audition. At the very least I suppose you could rely on someone who's ears you trust.

If you buy the Focal's you'll still need a phono stage for the TT and/or a preamp for it all. You also might want to think about a sub woofer.

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