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Amplifier suggestion

I'm looking at changing from solid state amps to tubes. My current setup:

B&W 805
B&W Subwoofer
Marantz sr7005 (setup as pre amp)
Pair Rotel RB 1562 (bi-amped)
Music Hall MMF 2.2LE turntable
Moon LP3 phono preamp
Moon .5 CD player
PS3 DVD/Blue-Ray player
Nordost cables throughout

I have the opportunity to purchase a Sonic Frontiers SFS-50 for about $1000. The amp's about 7 years old and comes with extra tubes.

I've listened to it and it sounds really good, I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with this product and if so, what's their experience been and is it a good deal?
Also how will it sound when hooked up to my Marantz versus straight.

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