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Amplifier for Rega RP-3


I recently bought a Rega RP-3 turntable with the Elys 2 cartridge. I'm looking at getting a new integrated amplifier. I dont need a lots of power 20W-40W per channel would work fine as I own a pair of Monitor Audio RX8 (90Db 4ohms).

Any suggestions? I use a Ifi micro phono stage for now...



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Brio R

The Rega Brio R. Rega cartridges pair extremely well with the Rega phono stage in the Brio R. You will find that this pairing will outperform most phono stages under $450. I know that IFi is a nice phono stage. I don't know if the Rega will outperform it but i would expect you will get parity performance. It is a Stereophile recommended component and it has been the award winner from WhatHiFi as the best in its price class. Incidentally, I own a Brio R and had it paired with a P3-24 and Elys2 until I bought a new RP3 with an Exact 2. I wanted a second table for my home theatre and moved the P3-24 to that room.

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Rega Rocks

Subject says it all. I concur with bierfeldt's recommend. Synergy all the way as well.

Though for vinyl, I can also recommend my own decision I ended up going with:
Creek Evolution 50A.

I own a Rega P1 (older version of RP1) and swapped in an Ortofon 2M Red, and the combination just *sings*.

I have somewhat struggled with Digital media on the Creek, but with research and a lot of helpful suggestions on these forums, I am also slowly but successfully evolving my "digital" sound to be the same calibre of my "vinyl" sound with the Creek.

So it would be probably just your preferences; though I must admit a nod in the direction of the Rega amp for again system synergy, don't dismiss other manufacturers.



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