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Amplifier recommendation for Tannoy Precision 6.2

Hi - everyone. After weeks of research I am breaking down and joining this forum as it seems the best of the lot out there in cyber world. Hope someone can help! The ear worm started with some Totem Staff speakers that I had paired with a Cambridge Audio Minx Xi. The speakers migrated to our cottage and were replaced by a pair of Tannoy Precision 6.2s. They are in our living room/formal dining area, which is 18’ x 26’, so a bit of space to work with and hardwood floors. Less than ideal.....I love the Tannoys on the Minx at lower volumes, however it has developed a bad habit of dropping the Wi-Fi signal, so its heading to the cottage for a Bluetooth retirement. My wife wants something more reliable and I, of course, am always looking to upgrade. Once or twice year a 80’s dance party might break out, so more power would be great, but I am really more focused on a proper matchup - ideally on the warm tonal side of neutral for everyday acoustics/jazz listening as the Tannoys seem on the detailed/bright side of things to my ears. Primarily streaming Spotify Premium, but I have plans on vinyl, so a phono section would be great. Would like to keep it around 2k, so was thinking of NAD C368 with Bluos, or Musical Fidelity 3si and a Bluesound Node 2i. Other amps in the running are Atoll IN80 and a Unison Unico Primo, which would be sourced by the Bluesound. All advice welcome! Thanks in advance!!

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System Choices

I recommend the MF amplifier and the Bluesound Node.

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