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Amplifier recommendation for bi-amping high end.

Hello all, new to the forums, but been an aspiring audiophile for 30 years. I have a pair of modified KEF Reference 105.3s (1995 model). I have upgraded my custom made EDGE G8A amp, which I have for sale on Audiogon, to a Maker Audio G9, 225wpc. I have a Conrad Johnson ET3 tube pre-amp, and a Theta Digital Compli CD player. I am thinking about using the money I get from the G8A to buy a beautiful sounding amp to power the high end while the Maker G9 powers the low end. I mostly listen to adult rock and country. My vinyl is 80s rock. But I do love female vocalists like Eva Cassidy, Jennifer Warnes, Dar Williams, and yes, Karen Carpenter, lol. Piano is my favorite instrument. The amp really needs to shine in this area, but also needs to sound great when I put on some Madonna or dance music and crank the volume up and NOT be overly bright. I know that’s a lot to ask, but just seeing what you guys think. I would like to keep the price under $3000 and I am NOT opposed to buying “previously loved.” The Maker G9 I bought from TMR Audio.
P.S.- I had to take my very best cables, Harmonic Technology Truth-Link Silvers OUT of the system b/c they were too bright w the new pre-amp.
- Michael

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I suggest that you look at the Vincent SP-332 amplifier, which is a hybrid design that sounds very nice.

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used JC1s?? best bargain in high end audio.

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