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Amplificatrion system advice sought

I am not sure if thisis proper place to post this, or if my gear is up to "Stereophile" standards, but here goes:

I am trying to set up a modest (by Stereophile standards) 3.1 home theater system. I am poised to replace my current ampification system to match my two new purchases:
1. Joseph Audio RM25XL
2. Oppo BD95
Yes, I meant 3.1 - FR, FL, Center, sub -later to grow into 5.1
My current short list is:
Cary Cinema 12
Parsound Halo A51
My budget is about 9K

Alternate system:
* Denon 3312CI (used as preamp only)
* Conrad Johnson ET3 Tube Preamp with home theater pass-through
* Halo A51
Any opinions out there as to which will sound better? Pros and cons of each approach? My primary concern is stereo and 5.1 SACD music playback. I am completely open to suggestion, just trying to get a dialogue going.The HT side of things is secondary, but I am mating to Pioneer Kuro Pro-110FD, so I would like to do justice to it, too.
Definitely require ability to stream music and video, but the Oppo satisfies that - am willing to forego separate video processing in favor of superior pre-amp (Cary) but on the other hand there is the issue of trying to future-proof (Denon 3312CI - although would be happy if they were to release a 4312ci or 4313ci)

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What are you looking at for your center speaker?

A Joseph Audio Cinergy 6.1XL and eventually a pair of RM7XLs for surrounds? The Oppo BDP-95 has all the video and audio processing you would need. Your frontstage (mains and center) will require most of the power, so perhaps a 3-channel amp would be in order with a less powerful two-channel amp your eventual surrounds. Possibilities:

Bryston 9BSST² configured for three channels ($5950) and a Bryston 2BSST² ($3295)

Three Emotiva XPA-1s ($2997) and an Emotiva XPA-2 ($799)

You can use the Oppo BDP-95 for a preamp as it has 7.1 and stereo analog outputs, a volume control for analog audio output, audio processing including setting the output levels for all your speakers, and has a dedicated two-channel mode.

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