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Amp Suggestions for PSB Sync One?

I recently purchased this fine speaker system and power it with an old NAD T753 receiver. It sound fine and all, but I am interested in taking the "next step" in this hobby by buying a tube amp. I was thinking of the Audio Research VSI60 integrated. Is there enough "JUICE" with 50wpc that the VSI60 produces? Or should I look at other similar priced higher powered models? Any help would be appreciated!

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The amp should have no problems

From a technical stance, the amp should handle the speakers just fine. Reading JA's review, he noted that the lower treble could get a little too forward with electronics and recordings that have too much zip in them.

I haven't heard that amp, but ARC gear can be a little lean and have some sizzle of their own. Whether or not this particular amp has the usual ARC sound, I don't know, but I would want to have a plan B worked out just in case.

If I didn't have a plan B, I would look at the Rogue Cronus. I've heard this amp and wouldn't be concerned about them playing well together.

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