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Amp suggestions for PSB Sync One....

I recently purchased the PSB Synchronicity One, to which I only have a NAD T763. I was thinking of buying the Audio Research VSI60 tube amp but not sure if has enough "JUICE". I like the sound just fine with the receiver, but want to take the next step in my audio hobby and by a stand-alone amp. Any Suggestions?

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Hi. I also have a Nad T763

Hi. I also have a Nad T763 and the PSB Synchronicity One speakers. Recently upgraded to the Quad II Classic Integrated Amplifier( it sounds fantastic.
The 763 is ok, but the Quad is from another planet. If you get a tube amp you will sell your 763 the next day....

I also recomend the NAD C 565BEE CD Player( is (much) better than other cd players costing 5 times more. This player can read cd´s at 44 khz and has Wolfson 24/192 dual DACs.

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