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Amp for Magnepan MC-1

Having my new MC-1s installed as I type. Going to drive them initially with my existing Cambridge Azur 540a v2 60/90wpc integrated. Hoping that's enough power—the Maggies are 4 ohm and only go down to 80 Hz, so the bottom two octaves, which suck up so much power, are being handled by the sub.

However, I'm also investigating options if that turns out to be insufficient juice to really make these things sing. Leading candidates right now are the Peachtree Nova125 or the NAD C 356BEE with the DAC. Any thoughts on which might pair better with the Maggies, or others I might consider in the same price range (I'm looking at a refurb Nova direct from Peachtree for $899, BTW, versus $800 + tax for the NAD from the local dealer)?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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The Peachtree

The Peachtree Would likely pair very well. I double t you can beat the Nova 125 for $899.

I don't love the NAD for those Maggie's. It is warm but not as detailed as

My local Maggie dealer recommends Peachtree or The Simaudio Moon Neo line but it is 3x more expensive than the Peachtree line new, it is 5x more than the refurb. He is also an NAD and Marantz dealer but advocates for Peachtree and Simaudio over them for Maggie's.

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NAD amplifier

I have had good sound from the NAD C325BEE and the NADC326BEE.

When I bought the C356BEE, however, it never sounded right. I tried it with 3 sets of speakers, and the bass was always very poorly defined and weak. I got rid of it.

I suggest that you consider the Music Hall 15.3, which is a very good amplifier.

The Arcam amplifiers are also very good.

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Watt Ravenous……

With a manufacturer’s efficiency rating of 86 dB & 4 ohm, these, as with virtually all other panel-type speakers I have ever heard, are going to crave more than just pure horsepower to extract all they have offer.

Amplifiers with exceptional performance in speed & high-current stability are suitable.

One that I can easily recommend is the Wells Audio Akasha, which my V good friend, Greg, sampled for review.
When we put Akasha in my system, which ends at a fairly carnivorous set of 87 dB 65 liter, ported floorstanding MTM’s with some wonderfully ingenious if less-than-efficient Dueland crossovers, it was more than up to the task.
You can read Greg’s review here.

I infer from your initial post $4k is probably over-budget, but this amp is so nice I like to talk about it when I can.

Likely more in line with what you are looking for price-wise would be an Odyssey Kartargo.

At the V least I implore you to call Klaus, the owner of Odyssey.
If you dial the Odyssey number, that is who will answer, or at the V least, return the call in shot order after leaving your message.

Klaus’s amps are ridiculously underrated in their (Klaus’s) specs & more importantly, in their sound quality vs dollar spent.

I have heard nearly all of Klaus’s amps, many in my own system, & a few of my close audio friends have chosen Odyssey for their own systems.
These are guys who could have afforded far more for an amp, but chose Odyssey.
Even the base 110 watt Kartargo, with its rock solid high-current capability, (I have heard one drive my friend’s B&W 802di’s with quite unexpected authority, speed, detail & musicality) would likely be enough to drive the MC1’s.
But one with a few of Klaus’s affordable upgrades would make it an amp that would satisfy your system’s needs for many years.

I apologize for the ‘fan boy’ rant.
I do not even own any Odyssey products.
But I have come across V few values like theirs in my half century of participation in this hobby.

Bill – on the Hill
Practicing Curmudgeon & Audio Snob
– just an “ON” switch, Please –

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