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Alternative Classifieds Ads service built on a social platform

Hello fellow audiophiles,

We'd like to invite you to check out our "next generation" classifieds board, the Gearsomniac Bazaar:


The bazaar includes features typical of classified ads boards:

  1. upload up to 3 pictures, which you can extend by embedding HTML <img src="..."> to external picture galleries
  2. embed videos from youtube or vimeo in your ads
  3. search by title / description / item location / zip / partial zip
  4. quick renewing of ads (expiration currently set to 30 days)
  5. regular ads are FREE ($2 for featured -- bumps ads up the page) - note: the only difference between regular / featured is placement on the list

Features available to Gearsomniac Bazaar members:

  1. Since we're using a social network as a platform, every time an ad is posted it also gets automatically announced in your profile activity stream. See the Gearsomniac home page for examples of automatically-announced ad listings.
  2. If you're logged-in and viewing an ad on the bazaar, instead of relying on the seller's "sales feedback" we show you your relation to the seller and if you have any mutual friends, who those friends are. This feature allows you as a potential buyer to easily spot trolls/scammers because chances are they won't have any friends!
  3. Your classified ads shall also be shown in your profile (coming very soon).

If you'd like to try it out, please feel free to post test ads. We also have a discussion board for feature requests and issues and promise to listen to your needs. Just remember Gearsomniac is a "real name" culture and we're here to build communities that give you the professional experience of, say, a LinkedIn, with the passions and friendships you cultivate as a hobbyist.


Thank you and best regards!

Tito Mijares

Gearsomniac Founder

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Last seen: 10 years 2 months ago
Joined: Sep 1 2005 - 12:39pm
Here's some screenshots of

Here's some screenshots of the bazaar features integrated to our social platform:

After an ad is listed it shows up on the global "activity" list:

Then viewing an ad (while logged in), you're shown your relationship to the seller. Personally, I think the "sales feedback" metric while helpful, isn't quite as revealing as knowing whether you and the seller have "mutual friends." 

Your profile page also contains listings of your ads. Friends and visitors who view your profile will immediately know what you're selling.


We've also built hooks into Facebook such that if you sign-in or associate your Facebook account as a new user or existing user--


posting an ad will also update your Facebook status page:


And finally, since we're not out to build a site that relies on classified ad revenue, you can be assured (regular) ads will always be free!

Thanks for reading,

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