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Almost there... which amp for RX6?

Hi everyone,

RX6 / Arcam rDAC / Sonos connect already ordered and on their way.

The question now is which amp?

My shortlist is (for a stereo system) a) Roksan Kandy (125w) or b) Marantz PM KI Lite (70w). I would like to know which one is more appropriate for the RX6? - on one hand, I've read mixed comments about Roksan's K ability to partner the RX6, on the other hand, I'm not sure if 70W of the Marantz is enough power to really drive the RX6 speakers? 


All your insights are highly appreciated!!

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Unless you have a very large room, 70 wpc should be

just fine for the MA RX6 which have 90dB/1w/1m sensitivity.

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