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Calibrating color...are those glasses up to latest prescription? And just what is McIntosh BLUE color temp anyway, is that a company secret recipe? Like Col. Sanders chicken? Broasted chicken is better than KFC anyway....less breading, more juice in the chicken. Broasted, check it out. Steam fried, under pressure which is what KFC kinda sorta does too, I think. But then this is teh McIntosh site

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Just got a thought, I think, electrical safety dictates, keep one hand off the thing, , especially when tweaking inside a LIVE unit, this position is kinda against that rule, one hand, less path for current through the heart. Are LED's now used in McIntosh front displays, Blue LED's are getting cheaper and cheaper, better and better.

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The operator is using a standard color analyzer, the kind used for calibrating monitors.

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Talking bout the two hands on the AC energized McIntosh....with an open cover, as he tweaks the trim of the display, I would think somethings LIVE in there otherwise he wouldn't be seeing any change when he tweaks. Even with insulted tools, like from Klein or Whia, his hand slips, touches ya done it, OSHA comes in, fines teh company, my Philips stock takes a hit, since PHG has some ownership in D&M who owns McIntosh...ya see how everything is connected like that movie star who can be connected to anyother movie star. Philips used to make the best color analyzers They sold the div Philips TV test. Is McIntosh BLUE copyrighted, since lotsa companys use colors in their logos, and it's always a certain color. What about the GREEN?

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