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Advice on New Amp

Hello, I am on the market for a new preamp and power amp. Would like to buy used machine with a budget of 5-6,000 dollars for both. Thought about Krell + ARC reference preamp. I would appreciate any advise. Thanks. - F.

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A suggestion

Krell is a fine piece of audio gear.

There are many personal preferences that need to be taken in to consideration in this purchase.

This is not mandatory, but I have found that matching the preamplifier with the same brand amplifier is a real safe bet when it comes to high resolution gear.

If your budget is between 5-6, can find a good used Mark Levinson 38 preamp and match it with an older Mark Levinson #27 (100w/ch) or a #23 (200w/ch.)amplifier.

The best gear on the planet in my humble opinion.

Mark Evans

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