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Advice needed to drive B&W 803 D3

Hello everyone, I need some advice in deciding the right amplifier for my new B&W 803 D3. Currently, I am running it with Yamaha RX-A3070 until I find the right system. Separately, I have Rotel A12, but it is only a 60wpc. It has a pre-out; however, I am not sure if I can make use of it by just plugging in a power amplifier (like Rotel RB 1590) to drive those speakers.

Unfortunately, even after spending a lot of time, I haven't been successful in finalizing the desired amp. I want to buy equipment that is either upgradable or has adequate futuristic features built-in that may not require an upgrade. Of course, sound quality is paramount, but I would love to integrate it with a receiver for surround sound. So, preferably with a bypass option. I have zeroed in on the following options and would greatly appreciate some advice from the fellow members whether to go with separates or integrated.

Integrated amplifiers:
1. Classe 2200i (like the simplicity but does not have HT bypass or phono stage)
2. Rotel RA - 1592 (nothing that I dislike, but I was told that it might be a little too bright for 803. Also, no HT bypass). My experience with Rotel A12 is similar, but I wasn't able to conclude if it was bright because of the speaker (B&W 656 S2) or an amplifier. My CM8s sound great with Yamaha AVR.
3. Anthem STR integrated (not sure whether it will do the justice)
4. Parasound HINT 6 (it is only a 160wpc, but it has all the features)
5. McIntosh MA8900 (same as Rotel)

1. Rotel RB/RC 1590
2. Parasound A31 ( I can use it even to drive the center channel and has 250wpc) or JC5? - I could not figure out the right pre-amp yet.
3. McIntosh 452/C52
4. Anthem STR separates

I apologize for a lengthy note. I wanted to share my thoughts, so you have all the information to provide the right advice. My preference would be in this order - sound quality, price, HT integration, futuristic, price.

Other info: untreated room 12x15 (may change in the near term), source: mostly digital via USB/optical (Volumio), AudioQuest rocket 44 speaker cables (bi-wired).

Thanks a lot for your time.

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I suggest that you look at the Musical Fidelity M6si amplifier.

It has excellent sound quality, tons of power for almost any speaker,
and many features.

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Thank you, commysysman. The

Thank you, commysysman. The specs definitely look good.

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IMHO your 803 D3 deserve

IMHO your 803 D3 deserve something better than Rotel, Parasound or Anthem

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