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Advice on Home Theater System & Audio Receiver


Hi All -


I am new to this group & a relatively new audiophile! So I need your help! :) I currently have the following:



1. Sony KDL46W4150 [46'' LCD TV with 120 Hz Motionflow 1080p]

2. Sony DAV-HDX576WF [Sony Home Theatre System]

3. PS3

4. Wii

5. Time Warner Scientific Atlantica Cable Box & 

6. Apple TV

7. iPod Classic



I am trying to replace the Home Theatre System (not particularly looking for HTiB, but open to it). It is 3 years old, but I was never happy with the sound and the quite often the 'wireless' rear speakers would lose connection. On music with deep bass this system was pathetic, on others I have never had the 'crystal clear sound experience'.


My requirements are the following:


Budget: $1200-$1500


1. 5.1 Channel; with an option to expand to 7.1 at a later date

2. Wireless if possible

3. Not the big size speakers, looking for small footprint in the house [as I live in an apartment]

4. I watch a lot of Blu Ray's and listen to a ton of classical, world music. I have never been able to enjoy the 'crystal clear sound experience'! So I am in a quest for this :)



Thank you in advance for your advice! 



Below is what is was recommended in another forum - Please let me know what you think.

HSU VTF-1 $400

4x Infinity P163: $340

1x Infinity PC251: $150

Yamaha A800: $400

Kal Rubinson
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As I said to the previous

As I said to the previous poster, you are more likely to evoke useful responses at the Home Theater website ( than you will here.  If you are willing to give up on the wireless requirement, good quality solutions are possible in your price range but wireless is a problem as it means, of necessity, higher cost, poorer quality or both.

En passant, if you can accommodate it, it is generally better to get a 5th matching speaker for use in the center rather than an inexpensive, dedicated center speaker.

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Thank you Kal. I am willing

Thank you Kal.

I am willing to put up with wires, in that case what options do I have? I have emailed someone in the HT website you gave, as it does not have a forum.

JoeE SP9
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You could also ask at

You could also ask at they have a very lively and active forum. I'm certain you will get plenty of responses from the posters there.

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