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Advice for Bookshelf Speakers with Suboptimal Placement

This in my first ever post.  I am redoing my 2 channel vinyl setup and could use some advice on speakers.  

I have a basic Project Debut III record player and I am currently planning to replace my very old receiver with a Marantz SR 4023.

I, however, also need to purchase new bookshelf speakers.  The setup will be in a medium sized living room, but due to space concerns (and my wife) the speakers will likely have to be very close to the back wall (about 4 inches away) or in an actual bookcase.  It also unlikely that I will have room for a subwoofer.   My budget is approximately $600.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on bookshelf speakers that can perform well with decent bass, despite being placed in a less than ideal position?  Or at least which speakers are most likely to not be as heavily impacted by poor placement?

I've done some research already and have been looking into the following models, which I am hoping to listen to soon.

PSB Image B6
Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 or 10.2
KEF Q300

Thank you in advance for any thoughts

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Front ported or sealed, preferably you can get info about

thier baffle step configuration. Some bookshelves against the wall will have extended bass because of boundary reinforcement.

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I'd suggest you take a look

I'd suggest you take a look at the Rega RS-1's.

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