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Advice on A/V Receivers for under $1000.00

I am interested in getting into an A/V receiver and although I am attracted to higher end brands, I may have to opt for something less or do I? Marantz and NAD seem to have something to offer. I know there are smaller companies that usually are over my price range, but offer something affordable as well. Having analog capability to handle a turntable are important yet having an intelligent system to handle network and USB for mobile devices is also useful. I took the advice of the reviewers this month and got the Pioneer SP-BS41-LR loudspeakers although I still need a center speaker option and a subwoofer. Does anyone have any advice on a good receiver. Much appreciated...

Kal Rubinson
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I think you might find more

I think you might find more useful comment on AVRs at the website of our sibling publication, Home Theater (, than here.  But, as for the speakers, the ideal center would, of course, be another Pioneer SP-BS41-LR (if you can buy just one) or the SP-C21 center in the same series.  Subs do not necessarily have to be "matched" to the main speakers, so the options are wide and issues of budget and size need to be defined.


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