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Advice and Comments Please ... Simaudio i3.3 and i7

Hello all.  I'm a former owner of a Moon i5.3 integrated amp that died.    My options for warranty service include a fully decked out i3.3 for free, or  a B stock i7 which will cost me an additional $2k Canadian dollars total.  Current speakers are B&W 804S.  I suspect my original i5.3 blew fuses due to me being hard of hearing, and living in a location that allows me to really turn it up on occasion. It basically blew a fuse  about every 6 months or so, and was extremely well ventilated.

My main concern is spending additional $2k for an integrated amp from 2007. Is it worth it?  I realize only my ears will tell the story for me albeit I'd like to hear from others that might have some experience with these two integrated amps.

Any comments, suggestions or advice please.  Please note these are my only two options since it seemed silly to spend $ for a 340i was basically has the same sonic qualities as the i3.3 with a somewhat "prettier" external look.

Thanks in advance.

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I had the i5.3 driving my

I had the i5.3 driving my Cremonas, but upgraded to the i7 and didn't regret the move at all. The i7 took control of my speakers in a way the i5.3 could not. I also listen at high volumes but have never had any problem with the i7.


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sim i7

i heard this amp when it was current several times at my local store.  it was primarily driving dynaudio speakers from small to large and it was excellent.  i would have owned it if i were not a tube guy.  i don't think you would regret the upgrade.


best of luck,


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