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Advantages of power amp vs integrated


Over the past few years, I put together a budget audiophile system that I have been quite happy with in my 12'X 14' living room:

- Very clean and noise free NAD 3020 origional version
- Very clean and noise free NAD 3125 (current setup)
- Peachtree Audio Dacit
- Audioquest Chicago interconnects
- Audioquest USB cable from computer to DAC
- B&W 686 S2 bookshelf speakers.

I enjoy having separates to explore different setups. My system has no difficulties playing music and filling the room with great sound, so volume has never been an issue.

Would there be a sound quality advantage going to a NAD 2200 power amp and using the NAD 3020 as a preamp? Is a power amp mostly to play louder or high load speakers, or would I also get better sound?

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