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Adding turntable to current system !

Hello everyone ,

Its almost  year that im following stereophile forums !really very interesting articles and 

Tons oinformation that i ejoy reading .this is y first post and iwould like to have some advice.

About 6 mnths ago i bougth some gear from  friend that was moving . He bought a new system for his new house .

Well here is what i got from him :

 1:) speakers :B&W  703

2:) amplificator: JADIS ORCHESTRA


I have to add that i am no professional and the best thing i had before was a sony mini stereo 

Bought for 150 usd about 10 yars ago , so i am pretty new to high end.

I rally love the way my cd's sound with this system and listen to music almost

Every night when i get home .

Last week i decided to add a turntable because i found about 100 vinyl records sitting in the 

Garage that turned to be my fathers ! ( never knew they were there hhaha)

Most of them are jazz records and thats perfect for me . i wnt to my local shop to check what they hve to offer and this particular turntable caught my eye, aturntable of an italian cmpany named 

Goldenote . here is a ink :

The turntable was attached to this phono amp :

the guy there was very helfull and let me listen to it with asolid state amp they have there . i liked it a lot and the price is around my budget but i wanted to hear your toughts before giving 

The final decision .

Thanks in advance for your comments



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If you listened to this package, liked it, and

can afford it, I'd say why not? Looks like a competent piece of equipment and the reviews are good as well. Be sure to get a dust cover for it.

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Adding turntable

Also, keep the cable from the turntable to the phono amp short. More important than phono amp to pre-amp cable length. Check if you even need a phono amp or one is in your pre-amp and you never used it. Besides the good dust cover idea, get some type of record cleaner, even if just a Discwasher brush and fluid. The turntable and cartridge are a system. So 2/3 of your budget on the turntable itself, 1/3 on the cartridge is something to think about. Read elsewhere on-line how to mount the cartridge, set the tracking force and anti-skate. Records that have been sitting a long time in an uncontrolled environment may need a cleaning on principle. Records should be in a sleeve; if just in the cardboard album cover they will get too many paper particles on them taking them in and out. Eventually you may want some plastic sleeves (Mobile Fidelity) instead of the paper ones. Replace stylus after a several hundred operating hours - especially if you find your record collection contains hard to replace albums. And be careful with the tone arm and needle drops. Unlike cable controversies, or even CD theories ("they all read out the same 1 and 0 pattern so they all sound the same"); records absolutely sound better with a good turntable and cartridge, and you can really hear more from the same record with a better source device. Have fun.

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