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Adding streaming to stereo rig - AV Receiver?

My current rig is decidedly vintage: Rogers Studio One speakers (rated 300W), NAD receiver, Arcam power amp, Technics 1200 Mk2. Nothing here newer, technology-wise than '91. But I do stream music to the receiver from iTunes via my Apple router and AirTunes. I also send two-channel sound from my TV to the receiver.

I don't have a strong interest in doing anything more than two or three-channel playback (I look at subwoofers, but value my marriage), but would like to get my receiver networked so I can stream Spotify and connect AirTunes directly. Bluetooth and other current streaming capabilities would be a plus.

So I either need an AV receiver or an additional piece of hardware that I can connect to my NAD. I don't relish needing another electrical outlet, though.

I know there are a lot of AV receivers out there, all ready to support a lot more speakers than I have. And buying one that will comfortably power the Rogers means a lot of wasted power on those unused channels. Any suggestions?

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Look at a Bluesound Node 2 which will support most services except AirPlay or a Marantz NA 6005 which will support AirPlay allowing you to stream any app of your phone or tablet.

There are plenty of other units but these are reasonably priced and will do everything you want.

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Budget? Use case(s)?

What is your budget? Are you just trying to stream music from your personal library and Spotify, or something else?

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