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Adding EQ to 7.1 system

My home entertainment system is built around a Yamaha RX-V2700 7.1 A/V receiver. Unfortunately, my wife is bothered by the fact that its EQ is difficult to easily access (I concur). I'm thinking of adding a separate graphic equalizer to pacify her, but need recommendations. Thanks.

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Disaster Recipe

Perhaps you should consider a different AVR that allows multiple EQ settings to be saved and accessed.  Marantz comes to mind.  Perhaps the new Anthems reviewed in the January Sphile.



Kal Rubinson
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What kind of EQ does she

What kind of EQ does she need/want?  Graphic EQs in AVRs are, mostly, tone controls.


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In any event I'd shoot for

parametric equalization.

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I added a cheapo eq to my

I added a cheapo eq to my system and it worked well, so add a quality unit. older avr with 5.1 analog inputs. has a dedicated eq port, used that. afftects R-L-and lfe.

have seen the Bijou around, eq for up to 7.1 channels. but newer avr's have built in. also there is room treatment that's overlooked, and really makes a difference.

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