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Acoustic Zen MC2 - best digital interconnect in its price range?



I am looking for a good digital interconnect up to around $300.

I've gone through numerous reviews/opinions/personal impressions and encountered different good cables, however one of them - Acoustic Zen MC2, stucked out for me, because of:

-good dynamics
-deep and wide soundstage
-naturalness and musicality

...the exact things I am looking for in digital interconnect.

Unfortunately I've also found opinions that this interconnect can be a bit lean sounding, which is not good! Is it true?

Please share your impressions of AZ MC2 or recommend another digital cable (BNC--BNC) within that price range that will provide me with the above-mentioned sound characteristics.

Thank you!

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Acoustic Zen MC2


 I utilize the AZ MC2 (balanced) digital I/C in my system and have had wonderful results with it. It is not thin sounding to me. It works better than the prior Cardas Reference digital I had in my system. Personally, I would rate it on par with the wonderful StraightWire Info-link which is about the same price. You should be happy with either cable.

Good luck! :-)


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