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Absolutely reference quality piano recordings

Audiophile Siblings,

Christmas is a time of sharing so I wanted to get into the festive spirit by giving you a heads-up on some absolutely stunning piano recordings made by a friend of mine Torgny Lundmark.

At a recent listening session I compared some of his work with the very best piano recordings in my collection (by Bob Attiyeh, Todd Garfinkle, Ray Kimber, John Atkinson et al) and I can say without any shadow of doubt that Torgny plays in the same league.  In fact I prefer the very intimate "pianist's perspective" with less reverb.  I find the SQ absolutely stunning.

Torgny is an accomplished pianist as well as a piano tuner and restorer so he has a very clear idea of how the piano should sound, particularly as heard from the keyboard.  Having sat through a few very enjoyable listening sessions with him I have also learned that he has an extremely keen ear, with an amazing ability to identify make of piano and type and placement of microphones by ear.

You will find some sample files (std res and hi res) on his website.  

Torgny has recorded several commercial CDs although they have been issued by small Swedish record labels, I couldn't find any of them on Amazon for instance.  I can particuarly recommend his latest recording of pianist Johan Westre playing some absolutely charming piano sonatas by Johan Agrell, a lesser known contemporary of Mozart and Haydn.  Fans of those composers will surely enjoy.

If anyone is interested in getting hold of them I will be happy to try to help.

Merry Christmas! 

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Piano Recording

One of my References, when testing a system, is the Horowitz recording  DG 419045-1 (LP).

The recording of the Chopin Polonaise #6 on side 2 will test the dynamic limits of any system, and it certainly tested the limits of his Steinway.

The sound quality of the entire disc is exceptional.

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My refererence, even if it is

My refererence, even if it is on the "Pop" side;

Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething CD/SACD (2004) Verve.

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The (2) latest Keith Jarrett

The (2) latest Keith Jarrett releases are not bad either.

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