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60Hz Hum - Ground Issue Or Something Else?

I just had a McIntosh C32 refurbished by McIntosh. My entire system is electrically connected through a line conditioner. When I hooked up the C32, an annoying hum began emanating from my speakers. I live in an old building (1892) so there are not any grounded outlets and I'm assuming the breaker box isn't grounded either. Are there any other solutions for a grounding hum? Could there be something else wrong even though this did not occur with the previously installed pre-amp? Regards, David

tom collins
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you need to direct this question to mcintosh.  if you just spent money with them on the rebuild , then they owe you an explanation.

just off the top of the head, if it didn't hum before you sent it off and it hums now, there is a good chance it is something they did.

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