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5.1 to 2.0 (stereo) solutions

I was watching a tv show on my plex media server today and could not understand half of what was going on because the sound was mixed for 5.1 in addition to foreign accents.
I have tried several times looking into what I could do like using ffmpeg to convert the file but there are wildly different options to that and I dont want to improperly format what the artists put alot of time into creating. I also read about solving it with a physical device such as a receiver but I am not fond of adding another device but on the other hand this 5.1 madness has surfaced so many different times throughout the year that I began looking for a cheap "reasonable" solution.

Any suggestions, I have a dac for my headphones but im not sure that would solve the problem. The setup im currently using is the Panasonic SC-AK630 attached to my computer via aux. I was looking at something like this (maybe something smaller?)but im not sure what is needed or how to even connect/configure the devices after purchase.

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plex server

look for the " downmixing" option in your plex player app, set it for 2.0.

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