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As I write this I am spinning my old refurb Dual 502. New Belt and some wiring issues. Totally cleaned out the bearing well, fully polished the platter post and inner sleeve and regreased and it is as quiet as any I have had here including a Thorens 850, Music hall 9,7, and 5, Rega P3, and a Dual CS 5000 I should have kept. The one I let get away 30 years ago was a Tecnics SP 10 with a SME 3009. That was a huge mistake.

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I am totally in love with my 505-2. Replacing the phone leads with high quality sheilded cables was the best thing I ever did.(cat had chewed the insulation on the originals) The "listening area" is much larger, no signal noise is non-existant and definition and separation greatly improved. IMO, sonically equal to TT's costing far more.

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You must live in a great place...they even made a TV show after your town. LOL
It is interesting that the North American importer for Dual in in Canada. I am a little surprised at the pricing, but I still think they are great tables.

Enjoy, Jim

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