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<$300 speakers for Peachtree Nova


I'll be doing the vast majority of my listening with digital audio through my new Nova. I've had Audioengine 5 speakers for the last 2 years, and I enjoy them, but I'm looking to be blown away while using the Nova and some nice budget bookshelf speakers. My list includes:

Epos ELS-3 
PSB Alpha B1 (or other similar PSB's)
Wharfedale Diamond 9.2, 9.1, 10.1, etc.
Wharfedale EVO2-8 (for $320)
Infinity Primus P162
Ascend CBM-170 SE
Mordaunt Short AVIANO 1
Tannoy Mercury V1
Various Monitor Audio's

I was leaning towards breaking budget a bit for the Mordaunts (reviews just seem to stand out for them to me) but I can get the Epos ELS3 for $175 used right now, and I'm thinking maybe that's a nice first step, and then I can save up and spend upwards of $500 in a few months. I should also add that these will be (for now) used at a desk on homemade speaker stands, with their backs to a wall a few inches away. They wont need to be played real loud, I'm mostly just going for synergy and a real step up from the A5s into hi-fi audio. I bought the Nova because I'll be taking advantage of all of its inputs and I wanted a decent headphone amp for my Grados and Beyers.


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If you can live with the Audioengines for the the time being why not wait "a few months" and combine the $175 andthe $500 and get yourself a new set of Mordaunts...or better.

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i agree

...with roadster.

save up for something better and take four steps up instead of one. 

the other reason to hold on to your A5's a little longer is that it provides a frame of reference for the changes you'll experience from your source equipment. hear how the Nova improves things with the speakers you lived with for two years. i've made the mistake of upgrading too many pieces all at the same time. it makes it harder to evaluate whats making an improvement and what's making a BIG improvement (and sometimes what's harming the sound) doing one upgrade at a time makes it easier to understand how you arrived to your system sound.  

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