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2nd System For MP3s

I know the subject alone will prompt some to suggest I take my lossy files and move along BUT I imagine I am not the only music lover who finds themselves in this situation. I have 1000s of Mp3 which I may or may not replace with higher rez files one day but for now - I'd like to build a second system for the purpose of primarily listening to Mp3s with friends. I would like the experience to be as enjoyable as possible, which to me means a system that is somewhat forgiving and can handle just about any genre, with pop/rock being the primary focus. While most of our listening will be passive we do, on occassion, hunker down in the sweet spot and listen to a fav or two a little more critically. So, my question is this - if you were building a system for the purposes I have discribed what would it look like? I don't want to spend a ton, since I don't think the quality of the input justifies it, so I'm looking for a best bang for the buck solution... Again, the primary purpose of the exercise is to enjoy the music as much as possible. I should also point out I have an XBMC system in the room (running on a raspberry pi) that I would like to considering using as my parimary source.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions...

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Hi David

Hi David

I replied yesterday but it hasn't shown up - apologies if this winds up being a repeat.

If I understand your system correctly you will get the data off the PI via USB rather than analog out or streaming.

In that case, you need three elements:
1. DAC
2. Amplifier
3. Speakers

All in one
The KEF x300a is a powered loudspeaker with a built-in USB DAC. You'd plug the PI into the KEF and that's all you need. There might be other products like this

DAC/Integrated + speakers
Check out NAD, Cambridge Audio, Peachtree, Music Fidelity V-90 and the Wadia 151. Simaudio makes a nice DAC/integrated something very nice but at a higher price point. PSB makes great budget speakers and Stereophile recently gave a Polk and a Pioneer good ratings for money.

DAC + powered speakers
Audio Engine makes a DAC and a well-regarded pair of powered speakers that would pair nicely.

All separates
Skies the limit here. But you can start with the brands I mentioned above and work up based on our price point.

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