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2.0 speaker for iMac

Hello everyone,

Since I’m going to buy a new iMac, I would also like to buy a new pair of speakers. My current computer setup is connected to a Creative Inspire 2400 2.1. Actually I’m not happy with this speaker system: I don’t like the subwoofer; the bass gives me headaches (hence I turned the bass to the very minimum). Therefore I’m looking for a 2.0 setup only for my iMac. I checked around on the Internet and other forums as well but I cannot make up my mind. There ‘re no stores in my neighborhood that carry different computer speaker systems in order to test them out. Therefore I need to rely on the comments and experiences of other people.

What I’m looking for:

-        I’m not an audiophile, just looking for a pair of speakers that are better than the build-ins from the iMac. I’ll just use the speakers for surfing the web, listening to iTunes, watching movies (most of the time)

-        2.0 setup only, definitely not a 2.1 since I get headaches from the bass produced by the subwoofer

-        No excessive bass production ( but no total exclusion of the bass either)

-        Preferably tower like (e.g. Creative T 40, Klipsch Promedia 2.0,…)

-        3,5 mm headphone jack at the front

-        Aux jack would be nice

-        Nice design & (should be compatible with iMac)

-        Reputable brand

-        Budget $100 (but this can vary)

-        Minimal cluttering with wires (no wireless, since I want to plug and play, don’t trust Bluetooth to perform flawlessy)

The different models that I came across on the Internet:

Bose Compagnion 2, Klipsch Promedia 2.0, Creative Gigaworks T40, Creative Gigaworks T20, Altec Lansing VS 2720, Altec Lansing VS 2620, JBL Duet II, JBL Duet III, …

Any input how to choose ? At first sight I would go for the Bose Compagnion 2 because that is a brand that I know for making good sound systems.

Any input ?

Thanks in advance,


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Better choice

AudioEngine 2, $199 (or less if you find an on-line coupon).  Better and cleaner sound than the Bose or others, and MUCH better quality construction, too, they'll last.  And they look really good with a Mac.

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If you feel adventurous, and

If you feel adventurous, and have more time than money, seek out a pair of good-condition Realistic Minimus 7 speakers. (eBay; don't spend more than $50). Black were the most common but they were also available in white or silver, the latter would be a great visual match with your new Mac. Unlike most other cheap speakers, they are also repairable without a lot of effort or money. Nice utility speakers, useful in so many ways, and you will be pleasantly surprised with their sound. With the money left over, go further retro and power the Minimus 7s with an old, small stereo receiver or integrated amp.

I run just such a setup for my garage system, although my Mac isn't in the garage. I use an AirPort Express plugged right into the back of the receiver's unswitched outlet.

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